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Originally Posted by DanaT View Post
After reading this is it clear why they got rid of you. Drama.

If they tell you to park where all employees are supposed to park. Why make a big deal about it?

So what if you are peeved that some girl wants you to come to her instead of vice versa. You don't agree and escalate it.

You leave out the shopping lifting thing now.

People knocking on door and running. Seems like a silly game.

But these types of episodes would tell me "how much management time (ergo money) on this person. For them it was easy. You were using more management resources than you were worth to them.

Sorry to be so blunt.

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Because we've always parked back there. Pissed off shoplifters can't wait for us outside/see what we drive. Employees don't know when we come or go.
Management has failed to tell us security issues in the past and we often have transients/bums trying to steal cans from the back and then return them for $$.
Thats why I asked.

She wanted my left out of the investigation and my partner to go up. Never happened before and he was off the next day. Since we are a team, I would have liked to be briefed too.

I left out the other incident since that happened back in March and I alread mentioned it. And it was a lie. Shouldn't be held against me.
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