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Originally Posted by countrygun View Post
Not quite the whole story. In a given weight yes, just as in a given weight the 6.5x55 will have more SD than the .270. The 06 can meet or exceed the SD of the .270 with a heavier bullet and has the ability to go to heavier for diameter bullets than the .270 due to less pressure with the larger diameter and more case room.
This is accurate.. I feel there's no appreciable difference in the cartridges until the intended game get up to Elk size, and then it's still not a drastic difference but like said the ability to spit heavier bullets from the 06' can be useful on a bad shot where heavy bone gets hit..

I like them both, and for anything that exists in most of America it wouldn't make me any difference.. We don't own any .270's anymore but still load for a couple other folks... The 140 grain Barnes has yet to let a deer/hog move outta the immediate impact area..
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