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Originally Posted by Zombie Steve View Post

Same exact case. .270 obviously skinnier. When you get into heavier bullets, the bullets get long enough to start taking up volume that should be used for powder.

As far as trajectory goes, the difference is really insignificant until you start getting to 400+ yards. Even then it's only a few inches. If you know your rifle and have dope for your loads it makes no difference at all.

People put far to much emphasis on a "flat cartridge" when what they should be concerned with (for long range) is wind bucking ability. It's a LOT easier to dope for trajectory than calling and doping for the wind. When considering each cartridge for hunting this really shouldn't be a large point of concern. The majority of of all shots on game are taking within 100-300 yards (with most within 100-150). At these ranges the difference in trajectory is minimal.

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