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OhioGlockMan, Don't give up on them, you can do it. The Hornady, Montana Gold bullets are also good as are most of the TC shaped FMJ or JHP. I started loading them for 3 reasons, first I had collected an accumulation of 357Sig brass, then not knowing what to expect form the short falls of supplies and I was already commited to the 9x25Dillon which uses the same bullets with both of these rounds, therefore I decided to load the 357SIG.
I liked the challenge of working with the bottle neck cartridges it has actually made me a better handloader overall. Once you work out the details and know what you are looking to do it pays rewards.
Besides it was cool to use 4 different cartridges from the same pistol.
I'm still waiting on my 357SIG barrels to be made for my S&W10xx guns...that will add a unique setup and flexability from those models.
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