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What's the deal with these older generation men walking around in Walmart and the lgs wearing combat boots, tactical pants and web belts while sporting a big fixed blade knife on their belt? I know it's a free country but what or who exactly are they trying to portray them selfs as? One guy in walmart was convinced that his grandson needed a huge camo "day pack" backpack for school, the kid was maybe 4 years old... Couldn't even walk with that pack on, much less full of school supplies. But gramps was all
Decked out like he is waiting to go on a Op. I guess it's similar to all the gun videos on YouTube where they all are tacked up while shooting in their backyard. I just laugh at these guys and wonder... Do they really think they are High speed operators or what? Lol

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At times I wear "cargo" pants...does that make me a tacticool tool?

Do people in cowboy outfits bother you as well?
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