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Originally Posted by RonS View Post
Wallmart can be fun. I get my hair cut there, buy toilet paper and value packs of ammo and people watch. A couple of months I noticed a bunch of people looking in one direction and spotted a tall, gorgeous woman in a gold cocktail dress and high heels at the electronics counter. Her dress was about the length of a confortable tee shirt. They guys were enjoying the show, I saw one guy get punched in the arm by his W/GF, and the girl seemed to be enjoing herself too. Not your usual Wallmart shopper by a long shot.
That's better than I did at Home Depot on Saturday. I was picking up paint color cards and overheard a guy telling a customer about various paint finishes. I looked to my left and the "guy" I heard was a tall, thin, busty tranny. Wearing the orange Home Depot apron. I have no idea how the customer kept a straight face.

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