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Okay, sorry guys. I just got back home. Too many (most are hillarious, thanks!) replies to sort through but I'll address some.

1st - yes, this story could be made up. But so could 99% of every other post on GNG. What about the guy who said he was followed for like 30 minutes? Why not question him? I've been posting about my incidents involving females for like 2 years, you'd think it would be either "Yeah, he's a compulsive liar" or "This guy really gets in messes because he's so stupid." Not both.

I took a picture of my bloody lip. I'm going to post it, but I thought how would any of you know it was me? Pictures of bloody lips are all over the internet but I don't like the idea of my face on GNG. I have some pretty messed up bottom teef so here's what I'm doing: I'm going to post a pic of me with the bloody lip and me with a sign that says "eurodriver" with the same teef. Any dentists on here? Would that work for you all? (I'll wait for some replies before actually wasting my time. Even after posting all my promotion warrants, pictures of me in Iraq, ribbon stacks, counseling jacket, etc etc some of you still don't think I served in the Marine Corps....)

Yes, I did get punched in the mouth on the Marine Corps Birthday. Oh well. I don't celebrate it anymore. I leave that to the real heroes.

No, the guy didn't exactly say that. But the point is he did say something to that effect. To be honest, I really don't have a whole lot of memory leading up to it. (The guy was pretty big. He had to be a solid dude to hold down a hottie like his wife)
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