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Originally Posted by WoodenPlank View Post
Again, you think they have the manpower to visit evry single FFL in the nation and get copies of the 4473s and bound books?

Again, showing up to the FFLs to havest the 4473s would require massive manpower. Plus all the time and manpower to go through them. It's not that feasible to scan them, either. The paper used for the forms is crappy, and starts to degrade. Ive seen 18 month old 4473s that were falling apart and completely unreadable due to faded ink and rotting paper.

As for NICS, FL does it all at a state level. Even then, they get your info, and type of firearm. No make, model, serial number, etc. They know if it is a pistol, long arm, or receiver. Same goes for states that use federal NICS. Even if they did ignore federal law (which mandates destruction of the records within 72 hours, as I remember) and keep records, that's still a thin amount of info to go on.
Easy. Just change the law and tell the dealers to send them in or go to jail. Most will send them in. The ones that don't won't be that many, especially after a few have been publicly made examples of.

Any dealer that has gone out of business in the last 20 years, has sent them in already, or the ATF has already paid them a visit.

And they aren't going to believe all those face to face gun sales any more than they will believe all those tragic boating accidents, if you don't have some good documentation. May be a few isolated sales, but dozens or hundreds. Nothing else they will get you for being a dealer without a license.

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