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Originally Posted by Hef View Post
The only reason I have employees is to increase profits for myself. They are employed solely to increase the amount of work the business completes in a week, so I can invoice for more money (and thus more profit). If they aren't productive enough, and/or they make mistakes that cut into the profit, they get fired. If business slows down, I cut jobs as needed to stay profitable. I don't owe anybody a job.

That may sound harsh, but that is the reality of operating a small business in 2012. I do my best to land jobs to keep everyone working 40+hrs/wk but that doesn't always happen.

As for those who need to be fired, I am glad to operate in a state that doesn't interfere with my right to fire people as I see fit.
Most people that have never had to make a payroll, won't understand that.
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