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Originally Posted by droidfire View Post
Yea, character references are dead in big business. Small business will still provide glowing reviews for good workers.

Mostly anymore it's simply a verification of employment within a specified time period from HR at large companies.
Can't recall exactly when maybe 1990 something - but there were a few court cases that changed companies view on giving references.

The obvious - not telling prospective employers that the X employee was a child molesting drunk that stole company assets to pay for his coke habit - had been in use for a long time.

Never say anything bad seemed reasonable -

Many companies were using the - if it is a good reference then go ahead and tell the person asking that the person was a good employee - hard worker - smart - whatever - how can telling them good things hurt you - just don't say anything bad.

Then a few companies - relying on the good reference from the prior employer - ended up hiring someone that actually was a child molesting drunk with a drug problem.

BAM - they get sued for big bucks for only telling the good.

The next round - what really killed references was when a company got sued because they gave out good references for good employees - but if the former employee had some problems then they would say - sorry we don't give out references.

So then the company ended up losing a law suit - and paying some loser former employee a pile of cash - because the fact that they would not give out a reference on a bad person - but would give them out for a good former employee - told everyone that - no reference must mean something REALLY BAD.

At this point the only reasonable thing you can do is just say - we don't give references...

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