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List updated!

Originally Posted by Javelin View Post
I need a number if 113 is not taken id like it. :-)
That number was taken so I dropped you into the first available, 183. Let me know if you'd like it changed.

Originally Posted by user1 View Post
1999.2 or 1999_2. puts me right after the folks from conroe.
Whole integers only. Would you like 2000?

Originally Posted by NavyMSU View Post
Houston... Nearest range is Top Gun.

Mathematical/engineering # requests:

2.71828183 (e)
3.1415926 (pi)
1.61803399 (golden ratio)
29.97 (digital video frames per second)

Or if we're sticking with whole integers, whatever's next.
LOL. Sorry. Whole integers only. Gave you 186.

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