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Originally Posted by Ernroe View Post
It took a little over 2 weeks but Sandy may have caused a delay. It matches up perfectly with the slide release and looks like it came from the factory, very professional. I had Rick reinstall the factory trigger the aftermarket trigger was too light for a carry gun, in my opinion. I only field strip the gun for cleaning and it does not impede that process in anyway. I have not been to the range since I got it back but when I do I will give a report. One unusual feature is you must let the slide go forward under its own power. If you retard the foward motion of the slide the safety will not engage. I have a stainless steel guide rod and recoil spring and that may have something to do with it.
Is this a Tarnhelm Supply design, or do they use Siderlock?

It sounds like the ability to chamber a round by hand racking the slide has been lost. Thus, chambering requires locking the slide open, inserting a loaded mag and releasing the slide lock. Correct?

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