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Originally Posted by The_Gun_Guru View Post
Same here!

If they want them, come and get them! I'll give them the bullets first

Americans don't think it can happen here......but it will, in our lifetime!

I think the question we should be asking is, "should we start organizing militias now?".

The Japanese didn't invade this country in 1941 because they knew that many Americans were well-armed. WOULD YOU HAVE FOUGHT THEM IF THEY HAD INVADED? I would have. Why should our own government be any different than an invading army? Isn't that why the 2nd Amendment was included in the Bill of Rights?

It's NOT bravado when I say that I would fire the first shot to start the New Revolution.....IT'S MY DUTY and MY RIGHT!!!!!!!

Japan did not invade America in WWII because they could not logistically nor militarily not because of "armed American citizens". Your referring to the Yamamoto quote but taking it out of context.

And we are nowhere near the point of needing to form militias. You are confusing the fact that you disagree with the results of the elections / direction the country is currently headed with the ideal that it was / is somehow unconstitutional and thus demands an armed response from the citizens.

The effective way to correct the direction the country is headed is thru the political system not thru some unreasonable internet babble about a revolution.

And as posted logistically it is impossible to enforce door to door confiscation. Anybody have even a single example of something even half that scale ever occurring in America?

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