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Originally Posted by Slug71 View Post

No idea. All I know is one of the managers didn't like me for some reason.
I did Loss Prevention for a grocery store. Just after my probation/training period on my first shoplift stop, I made a small mistake and let the shoplifter pay for the items. Not supposed to do that since we can't send the civil fine by doing so.

This one manager blatantly lied and told upper management that I told her not to tell anyone that I let the shoplifter pay for the items. This is absolutely not true.
In fact I called both my supervisor and manager(LP department) and told them both immediately after.

I found out about this lie a few weeks later from the LP manager and immediately notified the upper two store managers that it was not true.
I think since then this manager obviously had something in for me.
So let me explain something.

If you piss management off, you will be gone. It doesnt matter if you get a warning or not. In fact, you probably made out better. In this case they probably terminated you but agreed not to fight unemployment with firing for termination.

If you make them document why they fired you with warnings, written warnings, performance plans, etc, management then has a very string case why you shouldnt get unemployment.

No matter how good you are, if you are a PITA and management has to spend too much time dealing with you then you wont be long in the company.

Also, I suspect there is a lot more to this story and you are not telling us how this really happened. Most of the time a manager isnt going to tell upper management that you didnt want her to say anything to them. Minor crap like that upper management has managers to take care of. I suspect you tried to move something you didnt like, up the chain and forced them to deal with it and you wont win against management. You should learn this.
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