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Now that I've read the rest of the thread, I think I can safely say I'm a hardcore liberal and hardcore gun owner. Also ancient - back in 1968 I was at a cocktail party in DC and spent most of the evening arguing against Sen. Joe Tydings on gun control. Didn't move him an inch but he lost his seat by sponsoring the firearms registration act. Take my word for it, there are some serious hardcore liberals who are also shooters. We just either join forums and don't talk our politics or visit forums, see that everybody despises us, and never go back. When an elected official gets a call from supporters who express a strong opinion, they listen. The NRA has limited power over Democrats because over the years they have become a Republican organization. Nothing wrong with that but as they say in politics, "you dance with the one what brung you."

And over the next four years I'm going to be watching out for an assault weapons ban. I see that issue as low hanging fruit but its way down the list. One more mass shooting, though, and it will be front burner stuff, and watch out. And I'm going to keep writing checks to Democrats because when they get my call I want them to pick up the phone.
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