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Originally Posted by tantrix View Post
Well that's what I carry is legal here statewide, city limits or not. It is also legal with no permit required.

With that said, nobody has answered my question yet: Since he was open carrying (weapon NOT concealed), why was a CHL permit even requested? Unless Iowa is one of those retarded states where you have to have permit to even open carry...then of course, you're not a true open-carry state to begin with.

Permit or not, I can walk in and leave with multiple handguns or rifles in about 10 minutes. I really don't see how it could be any faster.

You're assuming. Since some in this thread that even live there can't get their story straight on open carry, and when and where you can do it, not wonder the guy got arrested...the LEO in question probably didn't even know wtf to do.
Its not that hard to figure out really. I dont understand why everyone is getting so confused. Im drunk now and even i can make sense of it! Lol! Outside city limits- open carry legal for all. Within city limits- open carry requires a permit. Whats so hard? Lol

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