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Republicans and conservatives, by and large, oppose gun restrictions, but the Republican Party is out of power for the foreseeable future. Fact of life. Our gun rights hinge on what those Liberals do with the reins of power. All is not lost, though, because an astounding number of liberal Democrats such as me have more power to influence politicians than all the fulminating NRA press releases and threats combined. Example: last year a candidate for office was seeking my support and started blathering about recent legislation opening gun ownership, "My God, it's horrible!" And I explained that I was a life member of the NRA and a concealed carry holder and a serious shooter (12,000 rounds per annum) and if she expected my support she had better revise her stand on guns. And it disappeared from her campaign literature.

In short, every politician I know would sell his/her soul for a vote or a buck. They all have adopted "elected official" as a career track and they gotta have support. It's us gun-toting liberals who have the drag to keep their grubby fingers off 2A, and the more of us there are, the safer our guns.

My suggestion is to pick out some liberal guy or gal and invite them to go shoot. You might get a surprise because some of us shoot real good. The target audience, though, is the ones who have never fired a gun before. I've never met man or woman who didn't have a barrel of fun at the range and come away with an adjusted attitude. Education on guns is the key.

Now I have to go slap a new MagPul butt on my AR.
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