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Originally Posted by nursetim View Post
Please, they are not liberals. They prefer to be called progressives. Here I'll use it in a sentence. Obummer and his socialist progressives want to ban all firearms to facilitate their progression to communism. How's that?
That's a good point. I never really thought of it that way. I guess there is a difference between liberals and progressives. It just seems to me liberals embrace the progressive mindset because they know most progressives in charge will likely give them what they want.

You wanna know how I see communists like Barack Obama and others....well I see them as favoring criminals, because if you don't give criminals what they want, they get violent and/or demanding. Law abiding citizens and honest people won't loot or riot if they don't have their way, and the government can just take take take from us and they won't have to deal with any drama. They see people like us who want our rights and the fair share we have earned, as a nuisance, as "halting progress". But how much are we going to let them take is what I want to know. I personally already think the government takes more than enough money out of my check (regardless how anyone sees it, Obama's 2nd term is very likely to include tax increases on EVERYONE. Obamacare will include at least 7 new tax increases on the middle class), so I do not think they need to take more.

And there is no doubt in my mind at this point that the Progressive Democrats aka Communists in Training, want nothing more than to disarm us. Just remember one thing.....the first generation to be disarmed will likely be the last armed generation in this country. I'll be damned if I am looked at in history as one of those who sat back and let that happen.

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