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No way man. My Playboy collection is three generations old and counting. I will only hand it down to my sons.

As for evil boomsticks. We traded them in at the last buyback for Wally World gift cards and gubmint paid cell phones. We're clear here.

Diane. Lolz. She is just a misinformed, menopausal, grumpy old broad trying to be politically relevant and appeal to her whacko home base. Yawn at her, but I guess you never know what they will pass next.

Make ya a deal Diane...

I will keep going to work and supporting my fellow citizens who don't. In exchange for my labor and tax contribution and creating jobs, (I didn't build that of course) I would just like to not be bothered and left to play with my man toys and Playboy collection. I promise not to bother anyone else. Kindergarten rules of conduct are in effect and all.

Just give me police, fire/ems, roads and the army. Other than that I can take care of myself thanks.
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