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Originally Posted by SCHADENFREUDE View Post
I hope all you that think your cute by saying that "you lost them in a fishing accident" know that if by chance the government does come to your house to confiscate your guns that won't work.

They will smile nod and then rip your house apart down to the studs. All the while you and your family will be hog ties in the front yard.

Those that resist will die quickly.

Those that comply will be slaves quickly.

It sounds like we all need a plan D. I would say get out and vote but your fellow citizens voted for the people that are most likely to implement such a plan.
i will fight only as hard as my government forces me to. i will resist only as hard as the tyrants do. i will only fire on as many enemies as i am forced to.

as an American citizen and as a patriot i try to think of myself as a cur dog. i am just trying to scavenge out a meek existence for myself from the scraps i am left, but if you corner me you will have your idea of hell redefined.

if a fight starts i do not care if i win or lose, i only care that any witnesses remember i fought my hardest and did my best to get away from that fight.

to put a lighter spin on the subject i give you 2 quotes from the comedian Ron White.

1) "i didn't want to be drunk in public, i wanted to be drunk in a bar. they threw me into "public".

2) i didn't know how many of them it was gonna take to whoop my ass, but i knew how many they were gonna use."
the brighter your light the darker your shadow.
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