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I don't think it will come to confiscation. But if it does, it won't happen like most of you think.

Under the pretense of eminent domain, the government would offer a type of buy back. There could be a grace period where gun owners are "allowed" to turn in their weapons and receive compensation without charges. Meanwhile, 4473's would be digitized, if they aren't already. There have been numerous stories about liberal mayors trying to get the NICS records for years. We might think those records are being destroyed, but how many other laws are our governments (federal, state, and local) already violating? Do you really think Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer and their ilk feel restrained by law? Even if they do, digitizing 4473's are a matter of running the form through a fast scanner, and compiling the data by socialism security numbers.

They could to use the NICS records of purchases since Obama took office. Most of the people who bought firearms since then, already own other firearms. Approach those gun owners and get what has been banned. They won't ban ALL firearms, just evil black rifles. There are a lot of Fudds out there who will not only support, but comply. I once heard a Fudd in a gun store telling his son that "there is no reason to own one of those rifles" as they walked by the AR-15 case at Guns and Ammo in Memphis TN. Government loves to divide and conquer. Hunters who do not own evil black rifles will be eager for us to turn our EBR's in.

Then they could go to a reward program. Turn in your neighbor, get a reward. That would eliminate a lot of the big talkers. Just postings on the internet would give government a lot of people to check out. I doubt they would ever go door to door. I doubt they would ever have to.

All these idiots who talk big on the internet, will be the first ones to turn them in.

They don't have to confiscate all EBR's. All they have to do is criminalize the ownership and transfer, and that is effectively ban enough. When they get the 4473's digitized, the people who own several EBR's could be dealt with first. The rest will resolve themselves.

But all those boobs who say stupid **** like "from my cold dead hands".... when the time comes and they find themselves isolated and alone, will gladly turn over their EBR's for the money the government is offering.

At that point, we revert back to Remington and Mossberg shotguns, and semi automatic .30 caliber rifles for hunting and sporting purposes.

That's how they get us. They won't ban all guns, just evil black rifles. "Reasonable" gun owners will think this is realistic and logical.

Don't be fooled by the big talkers on the internet. They are NOT going to go down fighting if and when they find themselves alone, and against a government TACT squad. They like to talk big.

But again, I don't think it will come to confiscation. But if it does, government will figure ways to do it. The ONLY thing bureaucrats are good at, is oppression.
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