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Originally Posted by frizz View Post
Awful. I wonder if any of them were just putting in applications so that they can stay qualified for unemployment benefits.

And you aren't kidding about the ease of the job. When I was working fast food in high school...

That says it right there. I was still in high school, as were many co-workers, so that means a high-school dropout could do it.
I'd put money on you being right. A few years back, my sister-in-law was out of work after having her son. Her husband was doing a year in the regional jail at the time. Between my wife and my mother-in-law, all the leg work of finding out where to go and what to do to draw unemployment was done for her. All she had to do was sign a paper and fill out a certain number of applications a month(I forget how many but it was low), and she would be paid almost as much as she made working as a nursing home butt wiper. She was too lazy to fill out applications, so she never got a dime. The sad part is, she actually finished high school.
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