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Originally Posted by Scott3670 View Post
Since there is no such thing as a national registration (Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986) we're OK on a national level. The Feds don't have a clue as to what we own. On a state level, well, those poor fools who live in a state that has a state registration might have some problems. The bottom line - for me - is that I have no guns ever since that horrible boating accident years ago.
There most certainly is national registration for every firearm bought through a dealer for the last 20 years. It's called the dealers bound book. And that 20 year limit only applies if the dealer is smart enough to actually destroy it after the 20 years.

Originally Posted by SCHADENFREUDE View Post
I hope all you that think your cute by saying that "you lost them in a fishing accident" know that if by chance the government does come to your house to confiscate your guns that won't work.

They will smile nod and then rip your house apart down to the studs. All the while you and your family will be hog ties in the front yard.

Those that resist will die quickly.

Those that comply will be slaves quickly.

It sounds like we all need a plan D. I would say get out and vote but your fellow citizens voted for the people that are most likely to implement such a plan.
Right on.

Originally Posted by CarryTexas View Post
I certainly would resist, but it is doubtful that 99% of us would last more than 30 seconds against a SWAT team.
Originally Posted by CarryTexas View Post
They would put out the word that you turn them in by x or face 20 years in federal "pound you in the arse" prison. Most would turn them in.

The ones that didn't would either hide them to where they were essentially useless or would get caught sooner or later.

However, I doubt they would try confiscation. Making then non-transferable would do the trick, but would take longer.
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