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Originally Posted by Indianashooter View Post
Some times I give more than the amount due so I can get an even amount back. The last couple years all I get is a glazed face looking back at me.
When I was in high school, I work at a gas station (they weren't called convenience yet) and we rarely put the amount tendered in the register. All change was counted back from our head. Try that now and see what happens.
Me too; AND in Indiana at that time sales tax was calculated after the sale; so if a guy wants $10, you have to figure what the tax is on $10...BUT wait that puts the purchase price under a couple steps of the sales tax so you have to add back in a few cents to make everything come out.

I'm with you on the even change, but even then all they have to do is enter the amount tendered, what I like to do is give then say a $10 on a $6.50 purchase, let then ring it up then say "Oh I have the .50 and watch the fear jump up in their eyes Great fun if you have the time to kill.

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