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Montana was, and may still be, the only state with a law against At Will Employment. An employer needs a valid reason to fire you here, HOWEVER... that doesn't stop them from firing you anyway, they just call it something else.

I was sent home, "pending an investigation", on April 4th from my job as Gun Room Manager at Wholesale Sports for saying to one of my problem employees, "Piss off, Chuck". No word the next day, so I called the store to speak to the manager and was told he was on vacation. He wouldn't answer his cell and didn't return my calls, so I called the "Senior Human Resources Consultant" at our Federal Way store and, in short, was told, "Dave told me you quit and I've already separated you."

"Job Abandonment", and just like that, I was in the soup line. He also fired my immediate superior four days ago, but that's another story.
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