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Originally Posted by Sporaticus View Post
No it wouldn't. A huge percent of the guns in circulation would be turned in. When they are turned in, the corresponding 4473 could be moved to a "completed" file. SWAT teams wouldn't need to get EVERY gun, just the ones not turned in.

In a heartbeat. Or they would have some of their LE colleagues do it.

And don't think "I lost them in a boating accident" is going to work. After hearing that 5 times, the BATFE will write a policy that deals with just that kind of response. It will then be up to YOU, at the point of a gun, to describe under oath, EXACTLY where you lost those weapons. I suspect the 4473 will be grounds for a search warrant.

Don't think bureaucrats aren't up to the task.

But I don't think it's going to happen either. But I don't doubt the BATFE would LOVE to do it.
So you really think they are going to manually sort through every 4473 in storage, then pick up every single form on file at every FFL nation-wide, and sort through those, too?

Then what, start knocking on millions of doors across the nation? Where the hell do you think they are going to get that kind of manpower? Forced confiscation isn't really feasible in the US, especially when you consider how few states have registration laws, and how horribly under-manned many local and county police agencies are.
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