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Originally Posted by engineer151515 View Post

When engineering is in demand, it's hot.

When not, I've seen graduating classes of 25 engineers where only three found jobs. (Two co-ops and the top GPA).

In the past three years, oil and gas has been hot. Big oil and associated petrochemical are willing to pay for talent because there is a gap where poor market performance did not produce many graduating Chemical Engineers. There is a very distinct manpower gap in available talent in the 35 to 50 year age group and it looks like large corps are trying to reload for the next couple decades. The older engineers are retiring and the numbers of experienced engineers to teach the newbies are dwindling quickly.

<<<< been "at will" my whole career. I've been cut loose with a plant closing. Not a good feeling - you start to feel like its personal. But it's not. Now I have a position much better than the one I lost, so I guess it worked out in the long haul. I hope it does for the OP too.

<<<< have relocated across country and stayed with family while hunting a new job. Took a while, but it worked.
Oil and gas has been hot for a while.

Petrobras is hiring a lot of talent away too (with Obama money).

One of the biggest risks to the oil companies is aging talent. If young smart people today aren't looking at it as a career opportunity they're foolish.
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