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Originally Posted by Sporaticus View Post
It's hunting season. Maybe they have been hunting, are going hunting, hunting clothes are in the rotation, or just like wearing camo during the hunting season.

I often wear a camoflauge shirt to Walgreens or Lowes during the winter. I don't wear the trousers because it looks silly, and I don't want to get the scent on my hunting clothes. But maybe they are small game hunters.

Did their choice of apparel do you any harm?
I didn't say anything about camo, hell I wear camo sometimes. But these guys I see are wearing 5.11 style pants, tucked in t-shirts showing off their gut. But these aren't hunting knives, more like the funky looking crooked knives that are supposed to be more "ergo"? And this guy one on each side of his pants lol. Idk I'm not into tactical and high speed stuff, had to wear that in the Military. Not interested in having that many pockets anymore, no use. Maybe your right though... Maybe it's their hunting set up, or maybe they watch too much Sons of Guns... could go either way. It kinda does bother me though, but I get a good laugh about it at their expense so it all good.

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