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Originally Posted by kenpoprofessor View Post
And sadly, this is why I will never live in my state of birth, it's people like you with this attitude. Sadly, TX has lost it's will to remain a Republic.

Were you raised in TX or a transplant???

Have a great gun carryin' Kenpo day

Oh I'm a transplant, I'd shoot myself if I was raised in Texas, way too many moronic republicans here for me to ever be happy, and the weather is too hot for me to want to stay. As soon as I can afford it and I find a better job, I'm gone for somewhere cooler, probably on the east coast.

And what's wrong with the attitude? You think it's wrong of me to hand over my ID and be done in two minutes, rather than try and demand every single "right" and ***** with the cop about every little thing he does? Gee, I figure that's the quickest way to get my ass thrown in jail, and I'm not the kind of moron who would spend a night in jail to try and make a point to the cop. You know why? Because doing so would serve ZERO purpose, none what so ever. The cop would think you're just another gun toting moron, would not have any impression made, and he'd go on about his duties, remembering you only as a funny story he can use to share a laugh with his buddies.

I'd rather just be courteous and polite, hand over my ID and then walk away when he is done with me a short time later. Check out all the videos on youtube of guys who are openly carrying and get stopped by police and they ***** up and down the block about the cop stopping them. I bet there isn't one of those videos where the encounter lasted less than 10 minutes, even if it was edited to make it seem like it took less time. That's not only 10 minutes of your time you're wasting, but 10 minutes of the cops time as well. Where as, if you're polite and courteous, instead of a ******, then I bet the cop would be gone in five minutes, rather than ten or even twenty.

I'm so sorry I respect my time more than you do and want any encounter with the police to be as short as possible. I don't break the law, I don't have any warrants, I don't hate the police, I have nothing to hide. If they want to spend a few minutes talking to me, I'll let them. If they want my ID, I'll gladly hand it over. I have no reason to be afraid or be a dick, I have nothing to hide.
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