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Originally Posted by USMCgs3 View Post
What's the deal with these older generation men walking around in Walmart and the lgs wearing combat boots, tactical pants and web belts while sporting a big fixed blade knife on their belt? I know it's a free country but what or who exactly are they trying to portray them selfs as? One guy in walmart was convinced that his grandson needed a huge camo "day pack" backpack for school, the kid was maybe 4 years old... Couldn't even walk with that pack on, much less full of school supplies. But gramps was all
Decked out like he is waiting to go on a Op. I guess it's similar to all the gun videos on YouTube where they all are tacked up while shooting in their backyard. I just laugh at these guys and wonder... Do they really think they are High speed operators or what? Lol

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I think they are:

1. Reconnecting with their fading sense of maculinity as the declining years come about.

2. Trying to look like someone you wouldn't want to mess with as a defense mechanism. You see this a lot in nature. Animals make themselves look bigger than they are in an attempt to not be messed with.

All and all, I understand where they are comming from.
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