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Originally Posted by Zombie Steve View Post
whitebread - do you run into really bad copper fouling with a solid copper bullet? I had a buddy give me a few hundred of the Nosler E-tips... I found a decent load, but it absolutely caked copper in the bore. The E-tips are gilding metal (copper / zinc). I never tried the Barnes bullets, but those are straight copper, right?
Straight copper with a blue plastic tip (if you get the ballistic tipped instead of hollow point). I haven't noticed any copper fouling. My patches also don't have any of the green color that would indicate copper being left in the bore. They actually shoot A LOT cleaner than the factory loaded Federal Premium Sierra GameKing I used to hunt with. FWIW, I am using IMR 4064 and Federal 210 primers with the Barnes...not sure of that makes any difference with regards to copper fouling.
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