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Originally Posted by Riverkilt View Post
Thanks. Just back from the Apex Tactical web site and they seem to be out of stock. Understandable if they're hand machined. Special thanks for the video link.
The last time I looked Apex's plan was to make them in batches of 100 every two weeks. That's nowhere near enough to meet initial demand. So it's kind of like a lottery.

You need some way to be among the first to find out when a batch is done. I got mine by "liking" Apex on Facebook. They posted a status when they had the last batch done, and I ordered within a few hours. A few hours after that they were out of stock again.

I also signed up for their emailing list, which you can do on their website. That didn't work, though. I haven't gotten any emails from them.

They post on in the Industry section. You might be able to get to the head of the line by following that thread over there.

You'll be able to get your order in faster if you create an account on their website in advance.

Good luck!!
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