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Originally Posted by adamg01 View Post
I agree on Crapco mags but have never heard anything but praise for Yugo mags and they are one of my favorites. Why are they trouble in your opinion?
They create a mushy trigger, and release the bolt when the magazine is removed. The mushy trigger isn't so bad if yugo magazines are all you train with, but the fact that it's a bolt hold open only while the magazine is inserted is just stupid. In addition, mixing them with non-Yugo's for training creates a mix of feed back on an empty magazine.

I think there is a reason why one tiny country produces these magazines.

Edit to clarify the last point:

A click on an AK could be either a malfunction (short-stroke/bolt over base, etc), or an empty magazine. "click" malfunctions can almost always be solved by changing the magazine, so the proper response to any AK "click" is to change the magazine and cycle the action.

A mushy trigger, on the other hand, always indicates a malfunction (in everything except Yugo mags, where the opposite is true). "mush" malfunctions, may or may not (generally the case) be solved by changing magazines and cycling the action.

Yugo mags complicate things that are otherwise simple (click = change mag, mush = diagnose/immediate action). Complications are trouble.
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