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Originally Posted by TK-421 View Post
It doesn't specify which uniform he was wearing. Was he wearing a Walmart Security Guard uniform, or a Police Officer uniform? My guess would be a Walmart Security Guard Uniform, because if I saw a guy wearing that uniform, and he didn't announce himself as an off duty cop, I'd tell him to buzz off when he asked to see my permit. But if the cop was wearing his police uniform, then the guy shouldn't be allowed to carry his gun for being so stupid. If a cop in uniform asked to see my permit, I'd show it to him, required by law or not, because I'd consider it polite, presuming I was required to have a permit to open carry.

However, this is exactly the kind of reason why I prefer concealed carry. Because when done properly, the cop would have had 0 idea the guy was armed, and he wouldn't be in his current predicament.
You've seen a "Walmart Security Guard Uniform"?

Really? I never have. Weird.

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