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Originally Posted by JJohnson View Post
Does it take anything besides a 4473 to buy a pistol from a dealer? Can you just walk in, lay down cash and walk away with one? Background checks, etc?
All it takes is money and a background check. A background check usually takes 15 minutes, unless it's delayed. You fill out the paper work, they call it in, if you're good to go, you walk out with the firearm. If you're delayed, they have three days to say no, otherwise you can go and pick it up after three days.

When I bought my 23, I walked in, I was delayed, probably because it was the first time I bought a firearm, and they told me three days. They ended up calling me the next day, I went and picked it up and drove home with my new gun five minutes after walking into the store the next day.

The nice thing is that they don't have to do a background check if you have a CHL. You just walk in, fill out the paper work, hand over your cash and your CHL, and you walk out with your gun a few minutes later.

Of course, that's presuming the guys at the gun store gave me correct information, but I'm pretty sure they did, since they do this for a living.
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