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Originally Posted by JJohnson View Post
There is that. Can you do that in TX?
No. The one state you'd figure would be the most pro-gun in the entire country, and you can't open carry. Oh, and don't even think about printing, or accidentally exposing your gun, like if your shirt lifts up. Both will get you in serious trouble, and is equivalent to open carry, from what I gather. At least in florida you're allowed to print, and if your shirt lifts up and exposes your gun, like if you're reaching to the top shelf for something, nobody cares. The problem is that the legislature meets every two years, and only for 140 days, and they're so busy with the budget and other ****, that they don't have time to discuss open carry. It was on the table last session, but they didn't do anything with it. Hopefully this session they'll allow it.
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