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Originally Posted by pipedreams View Post
Why? He may of acted dumb but why his job.

"Iowa law specifically provides that a person carrying a weapon must show his permit when asked by a peace officer. Note also that the charge will probably be dismissed if he produces the permit at trial."

"Section 724.4(3)(i) provides "A person who has in the personís possession and who displays to a peace officer on demand a valid permit to carry weapons which has been issued to the person, and whose conduct is within the limits of that permit. A person shall not be convicted of a violation of this section if the person produces at the personís trial a permit to carry weapons which was valid at the time of the alleged offense and which would have brought the personís conduct within this exception if the permit had been produced at the time of the alleged offense."
The difference may be his conduct though. The difference between "refusing" to show the permit and just not having it.

Once I was way out in the middle nowhere, with nothing around for miles. The biggest business in the whole county seemed to be a Super Walmart that was open 24 hours. I stopped there because there wasn't anything else around. I went inside and they had county police officers in uniform working security there.
Despite some media reports, there were no AK-47s involved in the incident
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