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Originally Posted by Slug71 View Post
Yeh I think a warning is fair.
What an employee thinks is "fair" is only relevant to the extent that the employee can get the employer to agree.

The employee may have made financial commitments during his employment there.
So what?

I have a child support payment I have to make every month. How is that my boss's problem? My own personal finances are my own personal business.

If I had to relocate for a job, I'd either find a way to have the job cover it (which I could do if I had scarcity power--"I'll only come work for you if you'll guarantee my lease"), or I'd accept the risk.

That's just how life works. There's risk in everything, including having a job. You're trying to push all of the risk on the employer, and what ends up happening is that employers hire fewer people. Hiring becomes too risky for them. What happens in the end is fewer jobs for everyone.

The best answer is always freedom: in this case, freedom for both parties involved in an employment contract to do as they've agreed to do.
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