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Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
Only took 3 days for them to announce the layoffs and station closures.

Closures. I wonder why they can just staff them with volunteers like they were 4 years ago before the union got involved?

Progress being made toward board appointment. Current term up next year. This union has to go.
Chips are falling, you should be happy.

I can give you the probable reason for closures: your vollys from four years ago haven't maintained their certs and there's no one qualified to work the stations. You can't expect the full time guys to continue on for free. They're too busy looking for work.

I hope that things work out for y'all. I mean that sincerely. I also hope you continue to post on the matter; I think it's fascinating and instructive and much easier to understand than the same issue on a state or national scale.
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