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Originally Posted by Slug71 View Post
Thats a personal opinion and is borderline discrimination.

If the employee works. Keep him.

There is no law forbidding "discrimination" as such.

There are laws which forbid [employment] discrimination on the basis of race, age, ethnicity, or religion.

Originally Posted by Slug71 View Post
Thats a personal opinion...
Of course it is.
As the owner, my opinion is all that counts here.

You miss my point.
If I hire you and you pass some "probationary period" then great.
What if you simply fail to develop in the position as well as I expected you to?

What if, in my judgment you will never develop to provide me with what I feel my business needs? Of what value then is "a warning?".

Must I warn you, then wait for an additional period to find that I was correct, that you just don't have what it takes, no matter your best intention and efforts?
What if I simply do not have the time for that?
What if my business interests dictate that I act NOW to acquire the person I need to do the job?

Why can I not be free to act in the way that is in the best interest of my business?
My business is there to make a profit for me, not to provide you with employment.

Employers having freedom to hire and fire as they see fit is what creates the possibility of a strong business which can then survive in the marketplace and grow to provide employment for the most people.

What you are looking for is "fair".
Believe me, in the real world you aren't going to find it, except occasionally. Even then, don't bet on it always being that way.

Respectfully I gotta ask, you're pretty young, aren't you?
Twenties perhaps?
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