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Originally Posted by Gallium View Post
I hate to appear as if I am splitting hairs, but I think I'm about to learn something...

Not all ALS protocols require med direction. SOME of them do, but certainly not all, not even for your state.

Question: Is running a IV ALS or BLS ?

Answer: ALS.

Question: Do EMT-P need medical control /direction for running an IV?

Answer: No.

Actually, yes.

As a paramedic I work under my med controls license, with that being the case I can only perform the procedures my med control allows. I'm very fortunate that my med control allows, via standing orders, everything the state regulatory board allows paramedics to do. IV's, RSI, Pleural decompression, all the drugs and drips, the whole shabangabang. I can perform damn near every state approved procedure without direct medical orders. Basically the only time I have to call a doctor is if I want to give Morphine or I run into something I don't know anything about and need advice.

We also have the ability to deal with Physicians that show up on scene and try to take control. Our med control has issued and signed documentation that states all our pt's are under care of her license and gives us the authority to disregard their orders. Basically it works like this, if a Proctologist shows up on a scene and tries to take over we can tell him "Thanks, but no thanks." Now if an ER doc, Anesthesiologist or Trauma surgeon shows up and is willing to continue his treatments in transit, I won't get in his/her way.

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