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Originally Posted by IndyGunFreak View Post

I love at will employment

So they gave you no reason at all when you were let go? I find that hard to believe. What happened when you went and filed for unemployment? If they disputed it, then they will have to tell why they terminated you. Most employers, they invest enough time/effort in training new employees, they don't just can someone for no reason.

My guess is, you know why you were terminated..

They gave me NO reason. I already quoted what the store manager said.
All I can think of is that one of the managers was running around lying again.

My stats were good. 100% attendance. Attended every meeting. Never violated policy. Got on well with other staff. Did whatever management asked.

I know they didn't like that I got on with staff as well as I did. But all the LP agents did. That staff knew that at any point we may investigate them and would have done so.
I also know they didn't like the fact I'm dating someone that works there. But they knew that when they hired me into the position.
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