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Originally Posted by Smoker View Post
how about using what you can keep on target???

Well, that leaves me a wide choice, as I can pretty much center-core a B27-Q HALF-SIZE target at 30-feet, with two magazines worth of any caliber in a full-size or compact Glock... And that's about as good as my 57-year old diabetic eyes can do without correction.

I can put them all in center mass at 50-feet, again without wearing glasses, but they won't be all 10's and 9's...

And I can do this with open sights, sans laser, though I do have lasers for all my Glocks... And while I realize that's nothing fancy, it is at least, competent...

Attached are pics of my current three Glock pistols... I shoot them all about equally well, using all manner of ammo. And most importantly, I have fun doing it!

Still, at over a dollar a cartridge, my days of shooting Double Tap's 10 mm 135 grain Noslers are coming to an end!


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