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Please write your congressman or your closest pro-gun politician to express your opinion on this matter.

I wrote my congressman on the subject. As an example, here is what I wrote, you may use this or any form of this. They need to hear how we feel.

"Mr. Rigell,

First, congratulations on your win. It's too bad we couldn't do better overall but such is life.

Senator Feinstein is writing new law in regards to gun control/ban. I implore you to oppose this and encourage all in the House to oppose this intrusive law. You are our last defense in keeping our 2nd amendment rights.

Also if President Obama tries to sign an executive order in enact such a ban, please do whatever possible to block that order.

These rights are not to be removed by one man or one party.

So-called assault weapons are used in a very small percentage of crime, being used in less than one percent of gun crimes and 0.20 percent of all violent crime, and the ban in no way affected violent crime while it was law.

Thank you for taking time to read this and a reply would be nice so I know you have received my e-mail.

Also, to all you gun owners who voted for Obama. You helped bring this on us all.
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