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Originally Posted by g300d View Post
Why do you expect shooting incidents to go up with the easy availability of firearms? Does the presence of a firearm somehow make people more prone to employ lethal force for no reason? Because if people are not killing each other in droves now, what would change with the presence of a gun?

Are these hordes of unwashed masses you speak of killing each other with tire irons and other things in such alarming numbers? Why not call for a ban on tire irons and have special tire iron police who shall be the only ones allowed to carry tire irons and who shall loosen and tighten lug bolts for us so we remove that thing that causes uneducated people to attack and kill each other?

When you get angry, do you tend to want to shoot people?

If not, what makes you assume other people will do that?

If you do, you have no business advocating who should and should not be owning firearms.

Speaking of education, it looks like yours did not include the study of logic and logical fallacies. Lack of education and discourteousness does not necessarily mean that that person will now purchase firearms and use them for no good reason if they were any less expensive. It simply does not follow-Non Sequitur. If someone called for education in logic to be a requirement to own a firearm, and you were thus disqualified to own a firearm, how would you feel?

And since when was a formal education necessary to determine a self defense situation?
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