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Originally Posted by jbglock View Post
Have you ever run a CNC milling machine? It is actually pretty cheap to get set up to run aluminum frames vs. the mold required to do a polymer frame. Ongoing costs also favor CNC milling.
Initial buy of the mold is expensive, after that its nothing but material cost. In machining aluminum you still have tooling requirements and not to mention having to have an actual operator inspecting the parts as tooling wears and the metal heats up from the cutting and coolant temps rising.

What do I know about CNC maching? Well lets see I know how to program Fanuc and G-Code, and my family's machine shop had 4 CNC VMC workstations with the smallest one being Tree 1260. Our largest machine being a CNC Daewoo Boring bar (this was a Horizontal obviously). I worked there when I was younger after I had just got out of the USAF.

We machined everything from paper plant machine manufacturing to aircraft spars to trucks for Oshkosh trucking to ship building to plastic injected molded frames for various projects. In other words, I've machined just about every type of steel aluminum brass bronze micarta plastic etc etc and know that aluminum is harder and more costly than plastic. Do you know that different types of aluminums are different to machine as well? You can not machine 7075 like can a 6061. You can cnc plastic as well and its even faster and more cost effective. I think I probably know more than you in this field.

Of course you also forget or possibly did not know about the treating of the aluminum frames in the first place versus the plastic frame of a Glock. There are other costs involved.

Traditional cut rifling (a broach) is more expensive than hammer forged polygonal rifling? You need to research that a bit more.
Again initial buy is the only expense. There was a reason why the Germans had made polygonal barrels for the mg42 during ww2. Since you didn't offer, I'll tell you, its because it was cheaper and easier and faster to manufacture. Polygonal rifling has been around since rifling itself, its not a new process. If it was the intricate ground breaking expensive technology you falsely preceived it to be, the Russians wouldn't have been churing out millions upon millions of AK47s for dirt cheap prices now would they?

Even with both having night sights the cost of one vs. the other is more than can be accounted for unless you think of the economies of scale.
I'm not sure what you think you're intending by this statement, but its probably not what you think it is. You're wrong.

Let's really think about that. If you leave your Sig stock and spend a ton upgrading a Sig then in the end the Sig will be cheaper? Did you really think about that before writing it? Lets say the Glock is left stock. Now what?
Now what? I still have my Sigs and Glocks and can afford and appreciate both for what they are. Instead of trolling the Sig forums with your apparent outright jealousy, how about learning to act like a gentlemen isntead of a consumate ass?
Every man is guilty of all the good he didn't do.

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