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If your eyes can not focus at the distance your sights are, it does not make Any difference what color they are.

Heat but no light on the subject. Clearly not a light tube sight user.

Your eyes see chartruse/lime green brighter and clearer than any other color during daylight. The three green dots are visible as green dots even if you are half blind. If you can line up three dots and plant them on top of a target, you can hit it with the referenced HiViz light tube sights.

If you cannot see to use these sights, you should not have a firearm as there is no way you know what you are shooting at.

The size relationships between a 0.120" front sight and the two 0.070" rear tubes makes the front sight stand out as larger.

You may not see them clearly as perfect dots, but they are distinct green circles.

They are visible to shooters for whom the black sights no longer exist and for shooters who cannot see the white dot and white box of Glock sights except when back lit.

The green tubes are almost always visible if there is any light at all.

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