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Originally Posted by RCP View Post
Sadly instead of learning anything from this I bet the idiot GOP is probably scratching their heads trying to think of who they can run that is even more liberal than Romney in 2016.
Help me understand this. Should the Republicans find someone who will step in the social dog sheet of gays and abortion EVEN more? Should the Republicans find someone who will be EVEN more hypocritical, calling for smaller government and less regulation while trying to pass laws (on the above) that have zero to do with running the country?

The Dems seem (operative word there) to be smart enough to avoid the gun issues, at least publicly. I know they are working behind the scenes. Will the Republicans learn to let go some of the issues that have lost them the race now twice? Dunno.

Again, help me out here. I TOTALLY get that Romney was not ideal, but the way I see it, he lost because of the typical Republican right wing religious pandering, not because he was too moderate.

The door was opened during the primaries, with that whole circus about who was more hardcore. Who would follow the bible most closely. Biggest gift that could possibly have been handed the Democrats and they didn't waste an ounce of it.

I guess we'll have to hope for Chris Christie in 2016, or is he not hard core enough? Not worrying about what everyone does in their private lives enough?

It's a lot easier for the government to turn honest citizens into criminals than criminals into honest citizens.
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