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Take a serious step back and look at yourselves.

How can either of you "two party" supporters proudly vote for your candidates?

Romney/Ryan - Supporting espionage on Americans, GUN BANS, free market manipulation, bailouts, medical care, and wars. Have you seen the flip flop videos???? Unbelievable.

Obama/Biden - Well... ditto.

If some joker came in GNG acting like either of these 2 clowns trying to explain themselves, he'd be laughed and ridiculed right the freak out of here. It's really sad what the voting standard has become.

When will it EVER be a time to get behind someone with a degree of integrity? The answer is/was now. But yet it's another dog and pony show.

A late word from Paul. It's from CNN and the chick sounds like Kool Aid drinker, but I think it's worth a listen.

I have electoral as 303 Obama, 206 Romney as of now. The popular vote is 58,156,996 vs. 56,130,459 for the "two" candidates. Waiting on Florida but she's leaning blue.

Enjoy more of the same.
Ah well, here we go again. Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran...

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