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I know where BF lives. Seriously.

There is one area way up in the hills where BF shows up almost every time I go there. Some frightening nights I spent there with my friends. Sit there and listen to the big monkey scream, trash around in brush, knock on trees some times no more then 50 ft away. That sucker can scream! Blood freezes in veins!

I saw footprints and monstrous “droppings”. Friend of mine saw one behind my back no more then 50 ft away but I was looking as the campfire at that time and could not see in the dark for a while.

All those so called BF “researchers” got it wrong. You do not go bushwacking through some remote woods and then come back and say “I did not see it”. You go into the area which BF claims as his own and stay there. He will tolerate your presence for couple of days but if you stay he becomes irritated and tries to drive you out.

On couple occasions I could hear him in the brush or on trip lines (4-5 feet off the ground) I set up so close that if was to open up rapid fire from my FAL I would surely hit him. I just could not make myself pull the trigger.

He is pretty smart and can see in the dark very well. When I had my NV on he stays farther out. Apparently he can see IR illuminator better then NV can see him. Always comes from downwind even on windless nights. Not afraid of dogs but dogs, not matter how big, are horrified of him. He knows what guns do and what they look like if you have them in plain site he is more careful. Closest he came one night when we hid guns, cooked food on fire and pretended that we did not hear him. Boy that pissed him off!

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